Freon is an essential component of your central AC unit. Without the proper amount of this refrigerant, your system will not work effectively. Fortunately, low freon is a simple issue that your AC technician can address. Knowing the symptoms of low freon in your central air conditioner can help you stay cool.

What is freon?

Freon is the refrigerant used in air conditioning. Through a series of heating and cooling processes, it produces cool air that then circulates through your home. Over time, your freon levels may decrease, which will reduce the efficiency of your system. At that point, you will need to hire an HVAC technician to refill, or charge, your freon.

Here’s how to tell that you need a freon charge.

Symptoms of low freon in central air conditioner

1. High utility bills

2. Slow cooling

3. Ice on the refrigerant lines

4. Warm air coming through the vents

5. Unusual sounds coming from the unit

High Utility Bills

If you notice a spike in the cost of your electricity, that could be a sign of low freon. When your system has less refrigerant it has to work harder to keep your home cool. This is one of the primary (and most expensive) symptoms of low freon in central air conditioner applications.

Slow to Cool Your Home

Does your home take a long time to cool when you turn on the AC? Your freon may be low. The lower your freon is, the longer your system will take to absorb heat from the air.

Ice on the Refrigerant Lines

Low freon causes your system’s evaporator coil to get much colder than it should be. When this happens, the refrigerant line running to it can form an ice coating from moisture in the air.

Warm Air Coming from Vents

One of the reasons your home may take longer to cool when you are low on freon is that the air your unit is putting out is not as cool as usual. If you notice that your AC vents are putting out lukewarm air, you need to check your freon levels.

Unusual Sounds Coming from AC Unit

It is normal for sound to be coming from your AC unit, but if it sounds different from what it usually does, you might need to schedule service with a technician. The problem could be that your air conditioner has sprung a freon leak. Listen for hissing or bubbling noises coming from your unit. If you hear hissing sounds, the freon is leaking in gas form. If it sounds like bubbling, it is escaping in liquid form. Either way, you need to repair the leak to get your system working properly.

Contact NESI Comfort for Quick Relief

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